Vistage members in New York get the best of both Vistage Worldwide's and VI-NY's dedication to providing educational resources and productivity tools to increase corporate performance and enhance leaders' lives.

Vistage Worldwide offers Vistage View a members-only portal and proprietary database of articles and opportunities available on a 24/7 basis. It includes:

  • Access over 6,000 industry articles, best practices, white papers and podcasts on such topics as: Best practices, Finances, Human resources, Strategy and Management, Marketing communications and Sales, Business Operations and Beyond business.
  • Access to "Friday with Vistage" webinars to provide Insights and analysis of industry knowledge and business trends.
  • Ability to connect with 18,000 other members who can provide practical solutions to business problems and valuable connections to other leaders in order to accelerate your ability to confront challenges and grow your company
Some recent webinars and white papers offered by Vistage include:
  • Harnessing Your Strength and True Genius – by Marcus Buckinham
  • Creating an Extraordinary Culture and Superstar Employees
  • Intro to Creating an Extraordinary Culture and Superstar Employees
  • 10 Steps to Creating an Effective Internship Program
  • Three Years of Growth Ahead, Says Economist Brian Beaulieu
  • How the Right Hire Can Spur Higher Profits, Lower Expense
  • CEO's Guide to Doing More With Less
  • How the New Health Reform Bill Impacts Your Business
  • The Biggest Regrets of Business Owners and CEOs
  • 12 Trends that Will Define Business in the "New Normal"
  • A CEOs Guide to Caring for Aging and Ailing Parents
  • White Paper: Raising Finance in The New Economy
VI-NY publishes CEO-Select, a collection of topic-specific whitepapers which were published by Vistage Worldwide and curated for members' convenience. The series includes volumes on Leadership; Marketing and Sales, Strategies for Growth, etc. To obtain a free copy of an edition, click on the subject of your choice:

If you're looking to grow your company, read this whitepaper Scale-Up.
To improve performance of your employees, read this whitepaper Performance Management.
Be a better leader: read the John C. Maxwell on Leadership summary.
To get more customers, read this whitepaper: Customer Growth.