We are committed to the highest standards of excellence in all programs designed to help local Vistage members grow personally and professionally.

CEO Monthly Full-Day Meetings include an Executive Session and expert-led workshops on a wide variety of topics designed to meet the specific needs of our members. Trusted Advisor groups offer half-day meetings with a focus on networking - so each member can acquire more clients - and leadership/management development - to build their practices more effectively.

Executive Session: In a trusted, confidential setting, members meet once a month in a peer-to-peer learning environment to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities in their markets. They share hard-earned expertise and newly minted ideas to reach effective solutions. The group meeting includes a candid give-and-take, where trusted peers ask each other tough, in-depth questions that get to the heart of any business problem, and usually lead to a re-statement of the true issue. As part of these meetings, members receive direct and honest feedback in a "carefrontational" manner, and derive actionable ideas they can implement immediately into their business. The Vistage Chair facilitates the monthly peer learning group meetings to ensure its success. Finally, the members and the Chair will follow-up to ensure that action is taken and things are working out.

Speaker Workshops: Vistage International operates the largest US Speakers Bureau, consisting of the 1000 industry experts in leadership, strategy, culture, sales, marketing, finances, performance indicators, etc.

Recent topics discussed by local Vistage CEO's include:

  • How to Build a Company You Can Sell for 2.5 Xs Revenues!
  • How to Hire the Best, Fire the Rest and Stay Out of Court
  • Value-added Selling
  • What's on your Decision-Dashboard?
  • You've Got "Personnel-ity": Building Management Teams by Understanding Leadership Styles
  • Organizational Culture and Leadership: Using Culture as an Organizational Asset
  • Knowledge Performance Indicators: Measuring Customer Value
  • Improving Performance through a "Working" Strategic Business Plan
  • The Execution Tune-up: Getting from Vision to Execution.

CEOs' 1-to-1 Coaching. The Vistage Chair also serves as coach, advisor and mentor. Two hour meetings are set aside for 1-to-1 coaching to provide advice, insight, accountability and support. Often these are used to help define issues to bring to the Group Meeting. Topics typically covered include: Expansion Strategies, Hiring, Training & Firing, Compensation Plans, Exit Strategies, Succession, Organization Structure & Culture, M & A, Outsourcing, Business Plans, Reorganizing and Life/Work balance.

Members of the Trusted Advisor (TA) groups can request 1-on-1 coaching to work through tough situations. This coaching is not included in the standard service package.

Vistage Inside. Can you imagine what would happen if many of your top executives would receive the services that CEOs get (e.g., speakers, peer advisory, dedicated Chairman to facilitate the program and Vistage Village) AND do so in a format where all the members of a group are from your company? That's the secret behind a new form of Vistage, called "Vistage Inside".

For more information, see the Vistage Inside brochure; then call us to discuss how the program works and how we can help you create a powerful Vistage experience inside your company!