Vistage Inside

Vistage Inside is a customized program designed for mid- and large-cap companies with 100 or more employees who want to increase senior leaders' individual performances and group collaboration. It builds on Vistage's almost 60 years of experience helping CEOs be better leaders, make better decisions and produce better results. Rather than have CEOs form Peer Advisory Boards with colleagues from other non-competitive companies, Vistage Inside helps key members of a large company's senior management team work together each month to improve individual performance, teamwork, and focus on strategic priorities.

Vistage Inside is designed for companies committed to employee development who have clear, measurable objectives the company wants to achieve, especially when it comes to alignment and collaboration. It is ideal for companies which:

  • Lack alignment and operate in functional silos
  • Teams have become complacent
  • Disparate locations make it difficult to create synergies
  • Leaders lacks personal accountability, yet want to become extraordinary leaders
  • Prior development programs that have not produced sustainable results.
Vistage Inside offers a 4 part service platform:

  1. Executive Sessions - in which leaders raise issues challenging them and gain fresh perspectives and insights from other leaders on how to resolve them effectively
  2. 1-to-1 Mentoring Sessions with the Chair, an executive coach/mentor
  3. Expert Speaker Workshops to provide new insights and ideas
  4. Access to MyVillage™ with 6000 white-papers and webinars, and connections to the other 18,000+ members of Vistage International. (Think of it as LinkedIn on steroids!)
The impact of the Vistage Inside experience is powerful, as it helps companies to:
  • Break down walls and functional silos to gain greater alignment with your overall objectives
  • Create an environment of trust where team members understand and challenge each other
  • Transform everyday managers into empowered leaders
  • Encourage adoption of new tools and systems to take results-focused action
  • Foster open dialogue and hold people accountable.

For videos, see: A Customized Vistage Program for your Company and Transforming Executive Leadership at Equifax. VI-NY will customize a Vistage Inside program for your company. Contact us for details.