Vistage Worldwide

Vistage Worldwide is the world's leading CEO member organization serving over 21,000 using a unique "ecosystem" of services, which include local "MasterMind" groups of CEOs and business owners from non-competitive firms. Each group is facilitated by a seasoned executive and supported by 1000 experts to help you to become the best leader you can be: making better decisions that produce superior results for your business and your life in general.

As you saw from the testimonials on our home page, the results are impressive:

  • On average, members triple their annual revenue growth rate.
  • On average, according to Dunn and Bradstreet's studies, members' companies grow twice as fast as those of competitors. (i.e., between 2007-2012 11.6% vs. 5.4%; between 2005-2009, their sales GREW 5.8% while others' DECLINED 9.3%).
  • Members stay an average of seven (7) years while working for one or more companies!
Vistage is not peer-to-peer networking with some executive development. Over a period of almost 60 years, it's perfected a unique service model of leadership development through:
  • A Peer Advisory Mastermind Group: 12-16 non-competing peers who are committed to growth. and serve as your "Board of Advisors"
  • 1-to-1 Executive Coaching by a dedicated Chairman with extensive business experience.
  • Business Expertise: 1000 speakers & 6000 best-practice papers.
  • Access to 21,000+ global members using MyVistage™ for insights and connections, as well as the ability to execute a thought leader brand strategy.
The Peer Advisory "MasterMind" group gives each member:
  • Access to fresh perspective, new ideas and the ability to test assumptions
  • Advice on challenges that "keep you awake at night", based on 100s of years of experience with different business models in different industries.
  • Accountability for turning good intentions into great results.
  • Friendships that can last a lifetime.
Today, Vistage Worldwide (formerly known as TEC) and its global affiliates operate in 16 countries. Vistage-member companies generate nearly $300 Billion in annual revenue and employ approximately 1.8 Million employees around the world. It offers different kinds of non-competitive Peer Advisory groups:
  • CEOs - of private firms, public corporations and non-profits ($5M - $1B)
  • Small Businesses Owners ($1 - $5M)
  • Key Executives who work within the larger businesses
  • Trusted Advisors - Small business owners, business development experts and professional service providers who appreciate a "referral culture" of like-minded peers for quality introductions, and who help resolve business leadership challenges so they can grow their business more effectively and efficiently.