Vistage New York Groups

VI-NY is the name adopted by our Vistage Peer Advisory groups in New York. Membership is by invitation only.

Our members are CEOs, Presidents, Managing Directors, Executive Directors and business owners of growth-oriented companies who want to be the best-leaders-they-can-be so they can achieve their personal and professional purposes in life.

Vistage Worldwide is committed to leader development so you can increase your successes. VI-NY's leaders are also committed to the larger picture – wanting to be better leaders in the office, at home, in the community, and/or in terms of special causes to which they are committed.

Each group consists of 8-16 members from non-competitive industries who are open to new ideas and perspectives. Members are willing to invest time and energy to help each other:
  • Explore issues that keep you up at night
  • Learn new skills and approaches to problem-solving and take good advice
  • Be held accountable to carry through on good intentions, so they can achieve desired results
  • Be honest, fair, and forthright in giving advice to others
  • Create more time for what's truly important in their lives.
Since experiences and interpersonal chemistry are critical to everyone's success, membership in VI-NY is by-invitation-only.

The CEO Group

VI-NY currently has a CEO group consisting of Presidents, CEOs, Managing Directors and Executive Directors of non-competitive private and public corporations, and non-profits, with revenues of $5 Million - $500 Million. Members want their companies to achieve higher standards of performance for sales, profit-margins, marketing, recruiting and maintaining talent, employee satisfaction, customer relations, strategic partnerships and/or investor relations.

Our CEO group is committed to improve business and enhance lives. The "CEO Game Changers" (as the members "branded" themselves), meets the 4th Thursday of each month from Noon till 6:30PM; this allows us to work IN the business for a few hours before coming together as a Mastermind Advisory Group to work ON the business.

During our first year, every member has benefited significantly. Some achievements include:

  • Increase in sales
  • Larger profits
  • Improved morale
  • More powerful marketing and sales programs
  • Negotiated a solution producing an extra $20K
  • Annual operating expenses cut by $120K

Other Groups

VI-NY currently operates two Trusted Advisor (TA) groups and is in the process of building a third. The TAs are professional service providers (industry experts), small business owners and business development experts who want a network of non-competitive peers that can grow their businesses through referrals and cross-selling, as well as improve business practices by addressing challenges and adopting best-practices. Typical TAs include such service providers as: financial advisors, business brokers, wealth managers, expediters, bankers, lawyers, accountants, insurance agents, recruiters, designers, architects, marketers, researchers, designers & payroll processors. Both groups generally meet the 3rd Thursday of the month for half a day.

The Morning TA group focuses on building a solid referral culture for introductions and learn manage their time, pipeline, client relations more effectively. The Afternoon TA group already has an established sales process and uses the group to address many of the leadership issues commonly addressed in CEO groups: strategy, recruiting, alliances, measuring productivity. We call it "CEO-Lite".

At this time, we're building a third group for Sales Leaders of non-competitive industries who supervise sales teams. The focus is on connecting with other sales leaders who may be selling their services/products to the same or similar clients. In addition, they focus on improving their sales leadership and management practices by sharing experiences and best practices regarding recruitment, compensation, management, technology, sales tools, training, etc.


Each group has a slightly different format of the Vistage "ecosystem" of complimentary services:
  • A Peer Advisory Monthly MasterMind Meeting. CEOs meet for a full day; TAs, CSOs and CFOs meet for half a day.
  • One-on-One Monthly Coaching. Included for CEOs. Optional for other groups.
  • Business Expertise: Access to 1000 speakers who speak live at CEO meetings and webinars
  • Vistage Village™ Extranet: Access to 6000 best-practice papers and connecting to the 18,000+ global members for insights, connections and advice.